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Good Trouble is a seven-piece band based out of the Midwest. Embracing diverse styles and far-reaching influences, the group showcases original songs from each of its members to create a genuine and genre-bending sound. From sprawling anthemic melodies to frenetic free improvisations to unrelenting grooves, Good Trouble's music is both unpredictable and heartfelt, audacious yet unified. The band features creative improvisations from rich personalities which spotlight individual artistry just as they congregate with every voice in a collective joy. Forming at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI, Good Trouble released their debut album in the spring of 2015 and have gone on multiple tours since then. In 2017, Good Trouble released a new EP, Live @ The Draw, and are preparing to record their second full-length album. 

Ben Phillips - Trumpet
Will Fraser - Alto Saxophone
Carson Caldart - Tenor Saxophone
Sam Genualdi - Guitar
Matt Blair - Piano, Keyboard
Jakob Heinemann - Bass
Jack Lussenden - Drums